Eye-tracking and usability studies

We offer usability studies based on gaze-tracking. With fast and accurate monitoring and recording of eye movements, detailed information on the behavior of a person can be obtained (where the gaze is focused, when, and for how long). This provides information, for example, on the person’s mood, state of mind, concentration, disrupting factors, and emotional states.

Eye-tracking measurements can be utilized, for example, in education/training of the use of vehicles, work machinery and devices, and for improving the usability of various machines, environments and products. Also, gaze-tracking can be used for studying the shopping-behavior of customers, and for studies related to educational technologies (e.g., evaluations of learning environments, and monitoring student-interaction in classrooms and digital environments).

Our state-of-the-art eye-tracking laboratory includes, for example, the following devices:

  • Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker
  • Tobii T120 Eye Tracker
  • SMI Eye Tracking Glasses
  • Pupil Labs Headset (eye-tracking glasses)
  • Fove VR (eye-tracking glasses)

In our services, we follow the official price lists of the University of Eastern Finland which are checked annually.

Contact us for more information on our services and their prices:
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