Integrated Optics & Sensing

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We create novel components, methods, and devices by exploring new possibilities and different aspects of conventional and unconventional systems… What if there was no limit?

By combining the computing power of CSC with the cleanroom facilities of UEF and our dedicated lab, we design, fabricate, and characterize customized photonic integrated circuit from fundamentals to prototypes.

More information about our research topics is given below.

Research topics



Prof. Matthieu Roussey
Waveguides, micro- and nanostructures, sensors, photonic crystals, imaging and microscopy, spectroscopy


Dr. Tianlong Guo
Micro and nanostructured surfaces, metamaterials and metasurfaces – Design, fabrication, characterization

Dr. Ana Gebejes
Environmental monitoring, hyperspectral imaging

Dr. Igor Reduto
Dispersion engineered strip-loaded lithium niobate waveguides – Design, fabrication, characterization


Isaac Doughan
Smart sensors on advanced integrated optics platforms

Atsu Lewis Asilevi
Design of Bloch surface wave devices

Janvit Tippinit
Uncommon application of arrayed waveguides

Kehinde Oyemakinwa
On-chip photonics at all scale

Olli Ovaskainen (in collaboration with Dispelix)
Arbitrary shaped waveguides

Sidra Muntaha (in collaboration with VTT)
Grating out-couplers on thick silicon platform for LiDAR applications

Fangfang Li
Fabrication of hybrid waveguide for environmental monitoring

Evellyn Santos Magalhaes (in collaboration with TAU)
Upconversion in active photonic glasses

Duc Le
Plasmonics nanoparticle for biological analysis


Ebere Onah
Design and fabrication of active waveguides


Behnaz Fazlpour
Simultaneous excitation of TE and TM polarized Bloch Surface Waves

Tharindu Diviyakaduwage Don
Acousto-optic modulators

John Tutu
Strip-loaded gratings

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