How we collaborate

This website provides examples of our cooperation with the business and industry community. We are also open to other cooperation models, so please get in touch with us and we can discuss things further!


Our expert services and equipment

Get acquainted with the expert services provided by the Institute of Photonics and the equipment stock that is available for companies to rent unit time for their needs by clicking here: 

Commissioned research based on the needs of companies

The Institute of Photonics conducts commissioned research that meets the needs of companies.  You can launch a well-defined research project with us to utilise our research expertise and equipment stock in solving challenges and in creating and testing new ideas. Commissioned research is completely confidential and subject to the obligation of secrecy. 

Jyrki Saarinen, Professor
Head of the Institute of Photonics
Vice Director (impact) – PREIN Flagship
tel: +358 50 595 4348
Jyrki Saarinen - UEFConnect

Collaborative projects

We are actively looking for partners and are happy to participate in various collaborative projects and project steering groups. We carry out various collaborative projects with the business and industry community, funded by, for example, Business Finland and the European Commission.  

In addition, the Photonics Center serves companies in finding partners and networks. More information on the topic is available here: Ecosystem Services - Photonics Center

Jyrki Saarinen, Professor
Head of the Institute of Photonics
Vice Director (impact) – PREIN Flagship
tel: +358 50 595 4348
Jyrki Saarinen - UEFConnect

Student internships and theses completed by students for companies

Master’s theses in photonics at the Department of Physics and Mathematics
We encourage our students to do their Master’s theses for companies. We are applying for Master’s thesis and internship positions for students in the Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics and the Erasmus Mundus Programmes (PSRS, IMLEX, COSI).

The work associated with thesis writing takes place in the spring, so we are looking for topics from companies during the autumn. We will compile a list of the topics for the students in October. They can then choose a topic that suits them by December and make an agreement with their supervisor on starting their thesis. Of course, the company ultimately decides whether the student is suitable for the task. Work on the thesis research will begin at the latest in January and the completed Master’s thesis will be presented in April.

For more information, please contact Noora Heikkilä who will provide more detailed information about the Master’s theses, and you can also inform her of your thesis topic.

Doctoral dissertations, doctoral student positions
The Institute of Photonics conducts joint research projects with companies within the companies. The researcher can be a company employee completing their doctoral studies and research for their doctoral dissertation, or the company can hire a doctoral student who is doing research and let them grow into an expert to fulfil future needs. More information on the topic is available here:

For more information on UEF’s doctoral student position system, also refer to: Career advancement | University of Eastern Finland (

We encourage our students to complete internships to promote the application of working life skills and learned knowledge.  Internships can be included in the student’s degree. If your company is able to provide internship positions for students or arrange traineeship positions for them during the summer, please inform us of your needs and the opportunities provided.  

Further information: Noora Heikkilä

Practical training in laboratory work
We are currently developing a model for working life-oriented laboratory work. We are renewing a laboratory course included in the Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics by bringing it closer to the content knowledge and practical working life skills needed in business operations

The renewed laboratory work will guide students to become acquainted with the companies’ product development work and associated research problems, for which they will develop solution options by extending their laboratory competence and problem-solving and teamwork skills. In this way, students’ competence will develop in research tasks that are meaningful to working life and, at the same time, companies will receive research-based information to support their product development work. 

We are happy to receive new research problems from the business and industry community, which will allow us to offer versatile exercises to our students. 

If your company needs to commission, for example, characterisation, component testing or other types of quality assurance using our laboratory equipment, our students can implement these as part of their studies. 

Further information: Kirsi Ikonen

Recruitment of students

The future photonics workers are trained by us! If you want to recruit a top expert for your company, you can take advantage of the various channels offered for recruiting students. Of course, the easiest way to get to know students is already during an internship or supervision of a Master’s thesis.   

We also hope to receive guest lecturers from companies to showcase their activities. In addition, we are always grateful to have the opportunity to make company visits with the students.  

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