Continuous learning

“Our success in the tough business of photonics demands highly qualified professionals. We obtain training in the basics of optics tailored to our needs and the learning outcomes of our staff from the professionals at the Institute of Photonics [now Center for Photonics Sciences] at the University of Eastern Finland. Their training is of high quality and also practical, not just theory alone. We train our employees, as this helps them to see their own role as part of the design and manufacture of our products, and to perform even better in their work. We feel that the training increased our staff’s overall understanding of photonics. And, in particular, how the different characteristics of the lighting of displays can be influenced.”

Veli-Pekka Leppänen, CEO, Nanocomp Ltd.

Personnel training increases competitiveness!

Skilled employees make an organisation more competitive and improve performance. Strengthening competence is based on increasing the capabilities of individuals.

Whether you are looking for training on the basics or on the development of operations, required know-how, receiving new tasks at your workplace or wan to learn how to advance your career, the Center for Photonics Sciences can help. We offer training for continuous learning with content that corresponds to the needs and learning methods of the learners and supports the goals of your company. We do not teach just for the joy of teaching – we want to increase the competence of businesses and individuals.

Training provided by the Center for Photonics Sciences can be included as part of a new employee’s induction, it can be used to achieve a certain level of know-how throughout your organisation, or it can be used to help in developing better services and products. On the other hand, competence development can be seen as long-term work that engages employees with their own organisation and increases their skills and abilities to perform their work tasks even better in the future.

Collaborative research and doctoral students working for companies are also a part of our Continuous Learning package.

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