Continuous learning

“Our success in the tough business of photonics demands highly qualified professionals. We obtain training in the basics of optics tailored to our needs and the learning outcomes of our staff from the professionals at the Institute of Photonics [now Center for Photonics Sciences] at the University of Eastern Finland. Their training is of high quality and also practical, not just theory alone. We train our employees, as this helps them to see their own role as part of the design and manufacture of our products, and to perform even better in their work. We feel that the training increased our staff’s overall understanding of photonics. And, in particular, how the different characteristics of the lighting of displays can be influenced.”
Veli-Pekka Leppänen, CEO, Nanocomp Ltd.

Personnel training increases competitiveness!

Skilled employees make an organisation more competitive and improve performance. Strengthening competence is based on increasing the capabilities of individuals.

Whether you are looking for training on the basics or on the development of operations, required know-how, receiving new tasks at your workplace or wan to learn how to advance your career, the Center for Photonics Sciences can help. We offer training for continuous learning with content that corresponds to the needs and learning methods of the learners and supports the goals of your company. We do not teach just for the joy of teaching – we want to increase the competence of businesses and individuals.

Training provided by the Center for Photonics Sciences can be included as part of a new employee’s induction, it can be used to achieve a certain level of know-how throughout your organisation, or it can be used to help in developing better services and products. On the other hand, competence development can be seen as long-term work that engages employees with their own organisation and increases their skills and abilities to perform their work tasks even better in the future.

Collaborative research and doctoral students working for companies are also a part of our Continuous Learning package.

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Strengthen your organisation’s competence: Training tailored to companies

We offer training packages tailored to your company’s goals and based on up-to-date research information. Training provided by us brings your company new perspective into the content and methods of your work. The training is designed together with you according to your requirements and industry.

The Center for Photonics Sciences provides training for companies on topics such as:

Fundamentals of photonics
The training provides basic information on photonics, with a focus on the topics requested by the customer. The phenomena of photonics and their use as part of modern technology are discussed. For example, the photonics used in virtual reality and augmented reality devices, camera optics, light properties, such as diffraction and interference, or the way light interacts with matter can be examined.

Cleanroom training
Basic information on and the operating models for cleanrooms complying with ISO standards and the GMP system, principles of cleanroom work and production hygienic working practices, dressing according to cleanroom class requirements, air particles, HEPA filters, introduction on the ISO 14644-1 standard, particulate detectors, modern cleanroom, cleanroom principles of ISO 8-ISO 3 classifications, principles for cleaning a cleanroom, quality assurance, principles for handling and cleaning optical components, appropriate cleanroom behaviour, safety issues, and working with a fume hood.

Laser safety
The laser safety training is held in the company’s own premises and focuses on various lasers, laser classes, industry standards, and laser safety. The laser safety challenges related to the customers’ own production process and the implementation of the right safety practices are also discussed. The training day includes a workshop during which safety-related deficiencies in a genuine work environment are observed. Participants will also draft an occupational safety plan.

Optical design
The aim of the course is to learn the basics of optical design. Participants are introduced to the basics of geometric optics, plane waves, refraction and reflection, limits of ray optics, lenses and mirrors, the paraxial approximation, ray tracing, aberrations, optical systems, matrices, system quantities, radiometry and photometry, photometric quantities, colour representation, light sources, optical materials and components, optical measurements, Gaussian beams, properties of light rays, principles and tools of optical design, component selection and stages of implementation. The course also includes design exercises and practical design examples. After the course, the participants will have the necessary theoretical and practical skills to start optical design.

  • Some courses are carried out in cooperation with the Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Riveria.
  • Feel free to ask about other topics as well! We are constantly developing our educational content.

How to book a course from the Center for Photonics Sciences:

  • Contact us

Contact person:
Pasi Vahimaa, Professor
tel. +358 50 400 1594
Pasi Vahimaa – UEFConnect

  • We will discuss your company’s training needs and goals.
  • We will plan the length and implementation method of the course together.
  • We will visit your premises to meet your personnel and to learn about their work, if necessary.
  • Next, we will submit a proposal for a training package tailored to the skill level and duties of your personnel and send you our basic training material package.
  • We can then discuss the changes that need to be made to the training material.
  • We will give you an offer on the price of the training.
  • We will agree on the dates for the training.

Trainers: Experts of the Center for Photonics Sciences
Languages: Finnish, English
Location: On-site at your premises, at the University, remotely
Pricing: Pricing is based on the scope, duration and requirements of the training agreed with your company

Strengthen your own expertise in photonics

We provide training on different topics related to photonics, and everyone interested in the subject can enrol on the courses. The participants can come from different organizations, or you can take a course to increase your own skills, even if the topic is not directly related to your own work. In addition, we offer courses through the Open University of the University of Eastern Finland.

If you cannot find a suitable course right now, please contact us. We also organise training according to demand even on a fast schedule!

Ongoing courses:
We offer the following courses through the Open University:

Fotoniikan perusteet Avoin yo: Fotoniikan perusteet | Itä-Suomen yliopisto (

Employee learns – business develops

Cutting-edge technology in high-quality research and applying research results to business are the keys to success.

Is there an employee in your company whose education makes them eligible to continue their study path as a doctoral student? Research conducted by a company’s own employee can help the company achieve a competitive advantage that others cannot match. Maybe you have identified a topic in your business, research in which could be used to produce scientifically important results and a competitive advantage for your company?

The Center for Photonics Sciences conducts joint research projects with companies within the companies. The researcher can be a company employee completing their doctoral studies and research for their doctoral thesis, or the company can hire a doctoral student who is doing research and let them grow into an expert to fulfil future needs.

The aim of the Center for Photonics Sciences is to coordinate the needs of the academic world and business through research. This way, while science is advanced through new research results, the companies develop their operations and an individual expert has the opportunity to grow both as a researcher and as an employee. There are many options for implementing research cooperation!

Read more about the collaboration models between the Center for Photonics Sciences and companies: How we collaborate – Center for Photonics Sciences (

For more information on UEF’s doctoral student position system, see

Contact person:
Pasi Vahimaa, Professor
p. +358 50 400 1594
Pasi Vahimaa – UEFConnect