The doctoral education (PhD) in photonics

The doctoral education (PhD) in Photonics is included in the Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing (SCITECO), offered by the University of Eastern Finland’s Doctoral School. This is a full-time programme which takes 4 years and is intended to provide graduates with in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in their chosen field of research. In the program, the medium of instruction is English.

The Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing (SCITECO) combines science with computational analysis and technology to form a multidisciplinary programme. The computational component includes computing sciences, mathematics and inverse problems and mathematical modelling. Science and technology combine photonics, chemistry and medical physics and technology.

The purpose of the doctoral programme is to provide students with the competences required to create new knowledge, apply scientific research methods in a critical manner and independently, and to work in demanding expert and research positions in academia, business and the public sector. Research conducted in internationally acknowledged research groups forms a key part of the studies. Students will benefit from wide-ranging networking opportunities during their studies.

The Institute of Photonics conducts joint research projects with companies within the companies. The researcher can be a company employee completing their doctoral studies and research for their doctoral dissertation, or the company can hire a doctoral student who is doing research and let them grow into an expert to fulfill future needs.

Students may also enroll in the PhD programmes in Photonics of UEF and
Beijing Institute of Technology in the Double Doctoral Degree Education.


For more information on UEF’s doctoral student position system, also refer to: Career advancement | University of Eastern Finland (