The best master’s thesis award in optics 2021-23

The award is funded  by a Donation by Huawei Technologies Oy (Finland).

The purpose of The Best Master’s Thesis Award in Optics is to recognize notable Master’s theses in the field of Photonics and encourage students for conducting high quality thesis work in this field.

Award is given as an acknowledgement of a Master’s thesis work which has made significant use of, or a significant contribution to, photonics. The thesis award amounts to 2000 € per student. Three theses will be rewarded per year. The award will be available for the years 2021-2023.

Nominations of the candidates for the award can be made by Master’s thesis supervisors. Nominations are made on an online application form available at Institute of Photonics (UEF) website during the application period (see the link below).


The award is worth 2000 €. Three awards will be granted annually during the years 2021-2023 (total of nine awards).

News. The winners of Best Master’s Thesis Award in Optics 2021 were announced on 13.4.2022.

The winners of Best Master’s Thesis Award in Optics 2022 were announced on 22.3.2023.

Basic evaluation criteria of the Master’s thesis

  • The Master’s thesis is part of official studies at UEF.
  • Timing for the 2021/2022/2023 awards: All eligible Master’s theses should be approved and registered in UEF’s Student register for the year 2021/2022/2023.
  • Topic: The Master’s thesis has made significant use of, or a significant contribution to, photonics*
  • Grading: 4/5 or 5/5

*Definition of photonics/optics:
Photonics/optics is defined as the fields of science and engineering encompassing the physical phenomena and technologies associated with the generation, transmission, manipulation, detection, and utilisation of light. It extends on both sides of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum as far as the same concepts apply (Reference: ICO Statutes, Article 1). Typically photonics/optics covers electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet light through visible light to infrared light.

Application process

  • Application period for the 2021/2022/2023 awards: January 1 – February 15, 2022/2023/2024.
  • Applicant: supervisor of the Thesis (supervisor should inform the student about the application)
  • Applications are submitted through an online application form: link to the application form

The application should include the following information / documents:

  • name and contact information of the student and his/her Peppi study right number
  • name of the supervisor with contact information
  • title of the Master’s Thesis
  • abstract of the Master’s Thesis
  • link to or pdf-copy of the Master’s Thesis
  • supervisor’s recommendation why the Thesis should earn the award (max 3000 characters)
  • information about the grade and the date of approval of the Master’s Thesis

Nominations are handled by the Grant Board and the decisions of the grants are made by the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Forestry. The decisions cannot be appealed.