Femtosecond laser laboratory

Femtosecond laser laboratory

When laser light is packed to 100 femtosecond of duration the optical power equals power of 30 modern nuclear power plants. When focused down to a micrometer scale focal point the irradiance in the focus becomes trillions times higher than in the core of the Sun where temperature reach 20 million Centigrades.

Pulses of this kind can deform any materials by technology called laser ablation. Though the energy densities of the pulses are enormous the total energy is so low that the pulses do not remarkably heat the sample. With focused pulses a micrometer scale holes can be produced and the material fallen away may form a new types of nanostructures. A surface of this kind may be, e.g., water and dirt repellent and antireflective.

In our femtosecond laboratory many kind of surface materials with various chmical and physical properties can be fabricated. Femtosecond pulses can be also used in production of nanoparticles and in studies of material properties. Also, latest theories on nonstationary optical coherence can be evaluated with ultrashort laser pulses in practice.

Most important femtosecond laser laboratory tools:

  • Quantronix Integra-C 3,5mJ femtosecond laser
  • CDP TISSA 50 femtosecond laser
  • Grenouille FROG beam analyzer
  • CDP ExciPro pump-probe spektrometer

Further information: Pertti Pääkkönen